Friesland Olive Oil

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Technical Notes
EVOO Taste:Light, smooth & fruity
Blend:Frantoio & Leccino Blend
Origin:Friesland Farm, Stellenbosch
In September 2008, we planted 530 olive trees on the farm and began our journey towards producing a premium-quality extra virgin olive oil. In 2013 the orchard yielded a modest harvest of olives, which were pressed to produce our first commercially available bottles of oil. A humble beginning; we were, however, extremely happy with the taste and quality of this oil, a blend of the Frantoio and Leccino cultivars, and so have eagerly awaited the results of our 2014 harvest. The April / May 2014 harvest produced a significantly larger crop of olives, please see below to place your orders from our latest batch of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

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Frantoio and Leccino Blend 2014 (500 ml) R85.00 QTY:
Light, smooth and fruity – this oil is incredible for dipping with hunks of fresh bread, or drizzling over crunchy salads, vegetables, or steaming pasta. Total: R510.00
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